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Adventure Patch Family Day Care (formerly Kingborough Family Day Care) is always looking for dedicated and passionate Educators to join our team. Becoming a Family Day Care Educator gives you the freedom to work from home within your own set hours, while providing a safe, supportive environment for children. 


Adventure Patch Family Day Care Educators are accredited and quality Educators who follow the Adventure Patch philosophy of fun and learning through play and Adventure. 


Adventure Patch Educators become a part of the family. We’re a supportive not for profit organisation based in Southern Tasmania which focuses on building open and positive relationships between families, Educators, the Adventure Patch Service and the community.


To apply to become an Adventure Patch Family Day Care Educator

• You will have experience in caring for children;
• The ability to provide a warm, secure and family focused environment;
• Hold or be actively be working towards Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care;
• Hold or be able to gain a First Aid qualification (HLTAID004);
• Understand and demonstrate a commitment to the Adventure Patch Philosophy and to develop and run a play based educational program the reflects an individual child’s interests needs and strengths;
• Would like to build your own successful home-based child care business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Family Day Care with Adventure Patch like?

Family Day Care with Adventure Patch emphasises a family environment with security, warmth, education, learning and fun. 

Family Day Care Educators are encouraged to attend playgroup or activity sessions with children in their care for positive peer support and mentoring. These activities also provide an opportunity for children to engage and play together in larger group settings. 

What are the requirements for becoming a family Day Care Educator?

All Educators must have relevant experience or the ability to: 

  • Provide high quality, age appropriate education and care to children;
  • Develop and implement a documented and engaging educational program to support the needs of each child in a relaxed and responsive environment. 
  • Maintain a healthy, safe and hygienic environment;
  • To work independently and as part of a team, maintaining professional and respectful relationships with children, families, other Family Day Care Educators, Adventure Patch Family Day Care Coordination Unit staff and members of the community;
  • Reflect an understanding of the requirements of the National Quality Framework and Adventure Patch Family Day Care within daily practice;
  • Effectively implement the required administration procedures;
  • Be of (and maintain) good physical and mental health. 

Why Choose to become a Family Day Care Educator with Adventure Patch?

Adventure Patch Family Day Care (formerly Kingborough Family Day Care) promotes quality child care which focusses on the individual child and how they learn. Our compassionate Educators promote play, fun and adventure. 


Adventure Patch fully supports our Educators with ongoing professional development, networking, dedicated support from the Coordination Unit and autonomy in days and hours. 

How Many Children am I able to Educate and Care for?

The Education and Care Services National Regulations allows each Educator to care for a maximum of 7 children under the age of 13, with up to 4 children under school age. The Educators own children are included in these numbers. 

WhaT Type of Care and What hours of Care Can I provide?

There is a demand for many different types of education and care, including: 

  • Full time
  • Part time, casual and on call
  • Before and after school hours
  • Holiday periods
  • Weekends, shift work and overnight.

Through discussions with the Coordination Unit prospective Educators are able to choose the type of education and care that best mirrors them; remembering that the emphasis of Family Day Care is to provide a family environment which is secure, warm, education, learning and fun. 

Is my Home Suitable?

Educators must be the owner or prime occupier of their home. If renting, written evidence from the Real Estate Agent or owner stating that the property can be used for Family Day Care will be required.

The Education and Care Services National Regulation and the National Quality Standards outline the standards required for initial and continued registration as a Family Day Care Educator. In line with these documents and the Adventure Patch Family Day Care Policies, an Educator’s home must provide a safe environment for children.

The interior of the Family Day Care premises must be maintained in a safe, clean and hygienic manner. As with the interior play place, the exterior must also be hazard free. Pets must be inaccessible to children unless involved in a direct and supervised activity with children. 

For a full list of interior and exterior requirements please contact the Coordination Unit

Where Can I find More Information?

For more information about the requirements of becoming a Family Day Care Educator please contact the Coordination Unit. Alternatively, the following websites will provide you with additional information about becoming a Family Day Care Educator. 

Family Day Care Australia 

The Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority 

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