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Why work in Outside School Hours Care?

Adventure Patch is looking for enthusiastic and passionate people to help provide a stimulating education and care environment for school aged children.


You don’t need to be qualified – bring your positive can-do attitude and learn on the job.


With support from service team members including educators, coordinators, and a full time manager, Adventure Patch can help you grow to your full potential.

A note from the Children

Who better to help recruit new, enthusiastic Educators than children already in our care? So, we asked around the children and discovered what they wanted to see in an Educator

Funny and creative

Chloe, 7

Be kind and solve problems

Erin, 6


Elliot, 11

Respectful and patient

Sophie, 7


Lucy, 5

Good at sports

Xav, 10

Can make afternoon tea

Matilda, 9

Be nice to kids

Cooper, 8

If you think you fit what the children want in an Educator, keep reading below.

Testimonials from Educators

Adventure Patch has supported me to achieve my career goals. In three years I have gained a qualification and worked through the ranks to co-assistant director of OSHC. The emotional rewards gained from working with children are astronomical.
I started working at Adventure Patch casually on my gap year. The split shifts that OSHC offered really suited my lifestyle. I could focus on my hobbies during the day then have fun with children in the afternoons. A year on Adventure Patch have offered me opportunities to upskill and I now co-ordinate an OSHC service.
I have found Adventure Patch to be a welcoming community that has encouraged and guided me to grow into my role as an Educator. I am very grateful to be part of such an awesome team and to be able to play a part in nurturing and supporting children as they grow. Overall, the feeling of family that they foster makes for an incredibly wholesome and rewarding experience.

Available Opportunities

If you are looking for a casual position in OSHC, please email your resume, cover letter and answers to Children’s interview questions to [email protected]


*please be aware, you will not be considered for a position if you do not answer the children’s interview questions*