The Adventure Patch philosophy has been created by Adventure Patch Educators with the children and families of our service in mind

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Our philosophy underpins our work and our interactions and represents our desire to create a fun, adventurous and caring environment for your child.

The Adventure Patch philosophy encourages play, curiosity and fun. We embrace what inspires your child and guide them through exploring nature, engaging with the world and creating connections with the people around them.

We know that children are competent beings and with the right encouragement, their development can be enhanced by promoting freedom to play, have fun, to get messy and be curious. Adventure Patch provides opportunities for your child to develop risk taking and resilience within caring and safe boundaries; while building friendships, self-worth and a sense of social conscience.

We create an inclusive environment where every individual can feel safe, valued and happy.

To find out more about Adventure Patch or to discuss how our service might suit your family please  contact us. 

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