Adventure Patch is a leading child care organisation in Tasmania.

Previously known as Blackmans Bay Childrens Services we’ve grown into a state-wide service that provides quality childcare to your family.

Through a whole of organisation approach and the dedication of staff at all levels, we’ve developed from humble beginnings as a small long day care provider in Blackmans Bay.

Since  our establishment in 1980, we’ve grown to include three long day care locations, ten Outside School Hours programs and  Adventure Patch Family Day Care networks.

We’re an organisation that is dedicated to our community and with its support we’ve been able to create Adventure Patch – an organisation with a strong philosophy that encourages, supports and helps to grow the next generation of Tasmanians.

Adventure Patch milestones and dates
  • 1980  Blackmans Bay Child Care Centre was established as an occasional child care centre for 20 children between 2 and 5 years of age.

  • 1985 – 1990 The Centre altered to a long day care model and increased the number of places to 30 to cater for children from 1 year to 5 years of age. Out of school hours care programs were then established on the adjacent Blackmans Bay Primary School site.

  • 1996 Became a sponsor and operator of the Kingston Outside School Hours Care Program located on the Kingston Primary School site.

  • 1998 Purchased the Blackmans Bay School Kindergarten building and land from the Department of Education. This building was then renovated to cater for 73 children from birth to 5 years of age. Name of the Centre was changed to Blackmans Bay Childrens Services Incorporated.

  • 2000 Outside School Hours Care Program was established on the Illawarra Primary School site.

  • 2003 Assumed sponsorship of the St Aloysius Outside School Hours Care Program.

  • 2004 Successfully tendered to the Department of Education for the lease, management and operation of the Mountain View Child Care Centre located on the Kingston Primary School site.

  • 2005 Board adopted governance as the methodology to follow to fulfil the roles, functions, duties and obligations as the legal entity of the organisation.

  • 2006 Funded an extension to Mountain View Child care Centre providing 90 licensed places.

  • 2008 Established Before School Care at Illawarra Primary School.

  • 2009 Extended the capacity of St Aloysius Outside School Hours Care to 90 places.

  • 2012 Funded an Extension to Ocean View Child Care Centre.

  • 2013 Founding Director and CEO, Susan Nolan retired.

  • 2016 Constitution amendments to enhance engagement with members.

  • 2016 Tender for OSHC Services at New Town Primary School successful with program to commence in first term 2017.



  • 2017 Purchased a dedicated Administration building to free up space at Ocean View.



  • 2017 Blackmans Bay Childrens Services took on the Approved Provider and support role for Kingborough Family Day Care from the Kingborough Council.

  • 2018 Blackmans Bay Childrens Services too on the Approved Provider and support role for Launceston Family Day Care.

  • 2019  Blackmans Bay Childrens Services officially renamed as Adventure Patch.