Bringing the adventure back into your child’s day

Adventure Patch encourages your child to explore, play, get messy and connect with nature.

A unique and quality child care service, Adventure Patch focusses on the individual child and how they learn. Adventure Patch recognises that your child’s development can be enhanced if they are guided by compassionate Educators who promote play, fun and adventure.

Long Day Care

Our Long Day Care Centres are found in Blackmans Bay (Ocean View) and Kingston (Mountain View)

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Vacation Care

Adventure Patch Vacation Care is focussed on providing maximum fun and adventure for the holidays.

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Outside School Hours Care

Adventure Patch Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) is designed to complement your child’s school day.

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Family Day Care

Adventure Patch provides Family Day Care services across Tasmania

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Our Philosophy

We want to inspire children to connect with nature and to have fun during their time in childcare. 

Our Educators

Our Educators are passionate advocates for your child’s development and wellbeing.

Our Community

Adventure Patch is involved in the community through events such as our pop-up playgrounds.

About us

Child Care Subsidy

Find out about whether you are eligible for the CCS. To reduce waiting times, we recommend applying for CCS before applying to enrol with Adventure Patch.


Manage your Enrolment through the Xplor App

Use the Xplor App to pay, sign in/out and to receive updates throughout the day about your child.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We all have questions. Here are some that are frequently asked and may be of help to you.


The Adventure Patch Advantage

Adventure Patch is a comprehensive childcare service that is tailored to the modern family. We encourage your child to grow and explore within safe and appropriate boundaries using contemporary child care practices.

Our Educators have developed programs that allow the individual child to direct their own learning by investigating the things that inspire them the most.

Encouraging freedom to be a child is at the core of our philosophy.

About us

Newborn to 12 years of age

We cater to wide age range from dedicated newborn rooms to afterschool care all the way through Primary School.

Adventure Coordinator

Our dedicated Adventure Coordinator is specifically tasked with making the most out of your child’s day by seeking fun and adventure!

Outdoor Focussed

We make the most out of our outdoor play spaces with a recreation program that gets children outside and moving.

Pop Up Playgrounds

Keep an eye out for our Pop-Up Playgrounds in a community near you! We make sure everyone is included in the Adventure Patch Fun.

Fun Excursions

Our bush block excursions encourage exploration and challenge your child to use their imagination.

Quality  Educators

Our Educators are caring and respectful of your child. They share in our philosophy and are fully qualified to provide the best care.

What people are saying

“My daughter came home and it was like her whole world had opened up because she’s seen new places”

“Fantastic!  It’s been such a positive place for our children.  Lots of getting muddy, getting dirty, lots of exploring plants and trees”

“The staff and the directors of each of the different services have been fantastic to us, to our family”

“My daughter is incredibly upset if we are running late in the morning because she misses before school care”


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